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25 Jan - 25 Jan


Human rights violations in Turkey


Hashtag day: January 25, 2022 European time 19:00 Turkish time 21:00

Hashtag: It will be shared from the following accounts on January 25, 2022 at 18:45 European time and 20:45 Turkish time.

Accounts to share hashtag:

Turkish : @samenvvvTR

Dutch: @samenvvv

English: @samenvvEN

Subject: In Turkey, which is moving away from universal law and democracy, new human rights violations occur every day. Some are imprisoned without evidence and without a fair trial, some are forced into exile, and some are deprived of their homes, jobs and even their right to life. We are planning a social media campaign on January 25, 2022 to publicize all these violations. Hashtag-related caps, shares and mention recommendations will be waiting for you at the event time on our website Hashtag Events page.

We look forward to your support.

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