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10 Dec - 17 Dec


10 December United Nations World Human Rights Day

We are planning a hashtag event on December 10, United Nations World Human Rights Day. With this event, we intend to make the voices of all victims of human rights violations heard. As it is known, there are serious human rights violations in Turkey, the Uyghur Autonomous Region, Miami and many other countries in the world. On this important human rights day for the whole world, we will work to make the voices of the victims of rights violations heard in the specified places. You are invited to the hashtag event that we will announce on December 10 at 19:00 (CTE) from our @samenvvv (Nl) and @samenvvTR (TR) accounts. Don't forget! Silence is the greatest enemy of freedom.

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Human rights violations in Turkey


Silence is the worst enemy of freedom.


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